24 April 2008


i'm on the last night of the trip, which means that i'm in london paying for internet...

once again i'm just popping in to say that i'm going to have to write the entire story later, as i don't really have that much time to type and to get everything in. i'll just stick with a really quick synopsis:

BERLIN: awesome. big and crazy cool, with so much history that i could barely turn around without running into something that had a story. the wall was shorter (of course) than i thought it was going to be, but we had some great tours for free, minus of course the tip we gave the guides. on the second night we saw a string trio, and we did a ton of walking.

PRAGUE: since we were only there for a short amount of time, we didn't get to see very much. it felt like enoughm though, more about it later.

DUBLIN: actually my favorite city so far, with berlin and paris coming nearly up in a three-way tie. i loved it. we met jessica there and had some great times walking a ton and just hanging out. when we left i forgot my US cell phone and my travel journal there...whoops. don't worry, they're in the post right now, headed for france.

LONDON: ginormous. this city has the feel of new york but the size of new york plus l.a. plus san francisco...our hostel is kinda sketch, ok, really sketch, but hey, it's only €9 a night. we're finding ourselves spending a LOT of money. the pound pretty much sucks if you're not working here and getting paid with it.

all in all the vacances has been great. then again, two weeks is a long time, and we're all ready to go back to france for the last month of classes. jessica left this morning (in the rain-of course...that's what it does here in the mornings) and tomorrow we leave too. if all goes well we should be back in our own beds friday night....sleeping. sleeping a lot. i mean....a lot. like, holy cow, why do we walk so much during the days? really, man...we walk so much that we just don't have any energy to do anything else once we get back to the hostel around dinner time.

so yeah
that's it for now
i'll write more this weekend


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