08 April 2008




Today after classes I went with Jessica and our friend Anna to a café. Before that, of course, we stopped to purchase our dessert of the day, "une gaufre nutella". Waffle drizzled with hazelnut-flavored chocolate...yum....Then we went to the café and got café (haha love that wordness). This is strange for me because I don't really do the espresso thing, unless I get to take all the sugar packets on the table and put them in my mini little mug. But it just felt like a café day...

Anna had to leave after only 45 minutes cause she had internship stuff to do, which was really sad. When she left she gave me and Jess hugs. I'd forgotten how much I miss hugs... We don't get to see Anna a lot cause she's in Maîtrise and her schedule is completely opposite of ours. Our free times never line up. That's one thing that sucks about having friends in different levels, you never really get to see them because you're always done/tired at different times.

After we left the café, Jessica and I decided to head to a book store which has a MAGNIFIQUE assortment of pocket-size books. On the way, though, we got sidetracked. A lot of the stores here are having sales right now, and sometimes when you see a lot of -50% signs, you just have to go in. So we were walking past the Virgin records store (love it) when i saw a lot of those sorts of signs, and we gave in and entered. First thing I saw? A CLEAR umbrella. A clear umbrella that looked, when it was open, like a bubble. I looked at the price tag, sure it was going to be at least 15 euros, since that's how much full-size parapluies usually are...

5 euro! 5! I totally bought that baby. Now I just need it to rain...haha just watch, now it won't rain at all, and i'll have this beauty of plastic just resting in my chambers, waiting to be used.

Next interesting thing of the day: FLATTENED PIGEON

Yes, you heard me.
When Jessica and I were standing on the corner, waiting for the bus to head home, suddenly Jessica decided that she wanted to go and grab a newspaper. She walked across, got what she wanted, and then came back to me. We had been speaking mostly in French all afternoon, but suddenly she nudged me and spoke in English.

"Do you see the flattened pigeon?"
"What? Where?" She pointed toward the street, which is gray cobblestone. I looked and looked, but had no luck. "I don't see it. Where?"
"Right there...see?" Finally, and suddenly, I saw it. Smooshed pigeon feathers and two little bird feet wedged into the crevices of the stones...I started laughing. "Yeah...I almost stepped in it, too. I felt something under my boot and moved my foot just in time..." We stood there laughing and looking at the poor flattened animal.

I tried to imagine the reactions of the people around the bus at the moment it hit the bird. I hoped someone had actually seen it, just to make the moment even better.

When I got home I showed mes parents my new umbrella, and messed up in a little grammar thing (said "now that i bought an umbrella it did not rain anymore" instead of "it won't rain anymore" oh wow i got back to my room and wanted to shout out the correct phrase just to redeem myself). They smiled at me though while I opened the umbrella and showed them what it looked like, and smiled when I proclaimed it the umbrella of my dreams...I kinda felt like a child with a new toy that everyone else had gotten a year ago, but hey...it's CLEAR.

I don't know if I can stress that enough. I love it.

Oh and for dinner tonight we had pot roast and carrots and potatoes. French? I don't know...but it was yummy...I ate so much I can still feel it in my belly...

Jessica let me borrow her hairdryer...Tomorrow is STRAIGHT HAIR DAY!!!!!

haha.....only a few more days until vacation!

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