30 April 2008

Home again

You know that you've gotten used to living in a place when you're relieved to get back there after being on vacation. I can barely imagine a better feeling that getting in to my house after vacation, eating some dinner, and climbing into my monster queen-sized bed to go to sleep. Oh, and not only sleep: sleep IN. It was amazing.

I think I decided sometime this week that I wasn't going to go into more detail about vacation because it means that I spend a TON of time in front of the computer. Honestly I'd rather just hang out and read and stuff. But yeah. This week has been kinda strange. Everyone (rather, most everyone) got back from their trips over the weekend. Getting home on friday night meant that I and most of my friends had time to recuperate before heading back to classes on monday.

At least, that's what it was supposed to mean. Instead, everyone was so tired monday and tuesday that the teachers spent a lot of time just standing in front of the classes, waiting for someone, anyone, to answer (and i'll bet they were even willing to hear from an american that time...). Today people were awake, but with only one reason. Tomorrow is the first of may, a jour ferié. NO SCHOOL!!! WOOT!!!

It's even more cool for me cause I don't have classes on fridays, meaning that I have a four-day weekend. Next week it's even better, because we have another thursday off, but we also have monday off. How's that for French vacation? The only catch is that tomorrow, NOTHING is going to be open. I mean, nothing. Even the buses won't be running. So everyone is stuck at home, which isn't that horrible for me, even though I don't even have homework to do. But at least I'm near people in case I start exploding and need to speak english for a while. haha...yeah I don't think the need would ever be that bad but hey you never really know.

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