09 April 2008

Emploi de temps

"ah-plwah duh tah"


It occured to me that some people out there might wanna know where I'm headed for the next couple weeks, so here's the bare plan for everything!

Saturday, 12 avril: With Sarah, Mark, and Sophia, Leave Rennes, arrive in Berlin via Paris and Bremen
Wednesday 16 avril: leave Berlin for Prague (aka Praha)
Friday 18 avril: leave Prague for Dublin, meet Jessica
Tuesday 22 avril: leave Dublin for London (aka Londres), Sophia ditches us for free room with a friend
Friday 25 avril: leave Londres for Rennes, via Tours

It's truly amazing how condensed that can get, when you just drop everything down to the bare details. Thank you, ryanair, for being generally dirt cheap. Thank you. Especially since we have to re-buy our train tickets to get from Bremen to Berlin because they sent them to the wrong address and they still haven't arrived at that destination. Oh well. I'm probably spending just as much buying new tickets for 39 euro as I would for paying my parents back for having the tickets FedExed here ASAP.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be super exhausted after this vacation, which is why I'm glad that we're getting home friday night, and will have the weekend to recuperate and then head back to classes, haha. That's how it's supposed to work, right? You get time off so that you can exhaust yourself in a good way...hm....

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