09 May 2008


It occured to me last night that I'm going to be back in Colorado soon. It was a very strange feeling. I was looking at my flight information, and thinking to myself, "Ok, I have the flight, I have the hostel in Paris booked. I hope it's 24 hour check-in/out...wait, how am I going to get my suitcases everywhere? Those things are huge! I need to throw out some shoes. And clothes. What if my bags get stuck on one side of the metro, and I'm on the other? I need to figure that out..."

The conversation with myself continued for a while, until I went to bed and had dreams about running around the Paris metro with suitcases as big as sumo wrestlers. I think it was my mind's feeble attempt at a nightmare. Is that how you spell "feeble"? I tried it with "ea" and "ie" and it looked even more strange. English is so hard now! Haha but that's ok! I guess it means that I'm loosing my Americanness.

Tomorrow we're going to Fougères. The largest castle in France is there, and it's supposed to be really cool. Afterwards we're making dinner at Jessica's house, I'm pretty sure. Her parents and mine are both going to be out of town, so why not have a little get-together, sit around, and practice English?

Yesterday we were in Vannes. It rained the entire time and was really cold. I don't recommend walking around in the rain. I do, however, recommend Le Petit Grand Crêperie near the cathedrale. We were served the best galettes and crêpes we've had so far in Bretagne. Plus the menu came with cidre brut, and that just makes every meal perfect. We got home early, I had some fun explaining to mes parents why I was home at such a good hour (that's totally a Frenchism, sorry) and then I took a hot shower and put on my wool socks.

So in the end it was a good day.

Today I tried to make guacamole at Jessica's house. It failed for a couple reasons. One, the avacadoes were still not quite ripe. Two, the French don't believe in jalepenos. So we had to use the guacamole spice mix, which is totally boring. We almost got bested by the food processor, but in the end I prevailed (always be sure to securely fasten all lids and apparataie).

Love you all!

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