29 May 2008

Allergies? What?

I apparently am allergic to France.

Yeah, I know. Ridiculous. I've never been allergic to anything in my entire life, and now that it's spring and raining and all green and stuff, I can't stop sneezing. I can't go to the lavanderie by the river anymore cause there's some flower/plant thing over there that makes my eyes all itchy. Not even exagerating, the last time I was down there with Jessica last week, by the time I got home I could barely keep my eyes open (they hurt so much), much less look at them in the mirror to see how red they were.

I had Christmas eyes that day...ha...ha....uh. That means they were bright red and green.
Today wasn't as bad as that, but this is annoying. I'm ready for dry Colorado. Forget the green grass and blooming flowers. I want some dead foliage and no more tiny bugs flying around.

Classes ended this past Wednesday. Today felt like Saturday, even though it was Thursday. I spent the day with Johanna, Jessica, and Sophia. I think we hit every mall in Rennes...there are three. The first was totally the ghetto mall, the second was about on par with a Mills mall, and the last was really just Super Walmart with a Printemps department store on the side. Yay for souvenir shopping!

One fantastic thing to note is that the weather people keep on telling us to expect rain, but the past two days have been sunny and bright. Hopefully this continues for about a week. I don't mind rain, or walking around in it, but I seem to really hate carrying around a jacket or umbrella which I don't need.

Today was the first day people started leaving. Mark's gone back to Indiana, and tomorrow Sophia leaves. I'm going with her to the train station to help load her suitcases on the train, and then I'm going to head back home to pack my own bags. Jessica and Sarah will be at the beach (hence another reason to hope it's sunny tomorrow) and Collin is hanging with his real parents, so I'll have no reason not to have all my packing done by Friday night. Then I can spend Saturday with Jessica running around and buying things to make my bags too heavy to carry. That's the point of going home, right? The day-before-you-leave souvenir rush? Oh brother.

I just hope everything fits. And that nothing breaks!

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