29 December 2015

Why I Love Paris and You Should, Too

Reasons I love Paris:

1. It's pretty. The mix of old and new makes it look like buildings have popped up looking like that for hundreds of years.

2. The history. Oh, that building? That's where we kept our queen before killing her. That one? That's where a famous thing was made. This old thing? Oh, we used it 300 years ago to symbolize the relationship with so-and-so. No big deal, you guys.

3. The people. Yes, you read that right. Imagine living in one of the most touristy areas on the planet. How would you treat idiot tourists who ruin all the fun things you like to do? I'm actually impressed with Parisians for not being rude. They almost all speak English and one or two other languages, and they're willing to help you figure out where to eat and what to see. What they don't like is when they do something nice for you and you either ignore it or don't say thank you.

4. Pastries.

5. 4€ bottles of wine that taste like heaven.

6. How everyone essentially wears the same outfit every day (especially the women) and no one seems to notice or care. It's so easy to get dressed in the morning. Black skinny jeans, long, black coat, black ankle boots, purse? Check and done.

7. When a guy in France checks you out, if you don't acknowledge him or don't respond when he says something, he doesn't cuss you out or tell you to smile at him (which is what happens in the States). He just shrugs and goes about his business.

8. All the things.

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