24 December 2015

German Trains and Punctuality

As Stephanie says, "German Trains and Punctuality is an overstatement." They definitely have a...creative way of thinking about transfer times and how 30 seconds is enough time to descend a train, find out which platform you need to be on, run to it, run back to the info board to check it's the right train, run into the train, watch the doors close, freak out that you got on the wrong train, and resign yourself to the fact that this train is possibly not going the direction you want to.

That pretty much sums up the five hours (ish) it took to get from Friedrichshafen to Füssen. And we had to switch trains four times. Once, we got off and thought we had missed our stop because our next train wasn't on the platform in Kaufbeuren, then realized our train had been 70 seconds late...and we'd missed our connection.

Thankfully the direction wasn't an odd one, and another train came a while later.  We arrived in Füssen with a couple of hours of daylight left.

In case you were wondering,  Füssen is THE CUTEST EVER.


(it's so cute it needs its own post)

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