17 February 2009

Hating conservatives and liberals

In honor of journalism and all that is fair and good in the world, I'm going to begin a mini research project.

I want to know why everyone hates conservative journalists.

I'm sure there is a good number of you who are now saying, "But I don't hate them! That's not true!"

It is true. Just try sitting in on one of my Journalism classes, it doesn't matter whether it's Reporting or International Media or any of the others. If you enter into ANY sort of discussion about what newspapers students read, there is ALWAYS at least one person who says something along the lines of, "Oh, and I look at Fox News sometimes. But I hate it."

And then someone mentions Rupert Murdoch, and then someone says something about conservative journalism in general. During the entire discussion, I sit in my seat trying to figure out why I hate neither liberal nor conservative journalism. I hate reporters who only ever talk about one side of the story, and then claim that they are unbiased.

What I really want to know is this: How do we KNOW that liberal papers are unbiased, and that conservative papers are biased? Or vice versa?

Because it seems to me that in the end, all it comes down to is a matter of personal opinion. So we'll have to see how this goes.

And on a completely random note:
The sports desk is listening to songs from the Little Mermaid (Disney, of course) on YouTube. It's very strange to hear middle-aged men singing along with a cartoon I was tragically devoted to when I was little. At present, I am afraid of sharks and fish in the ocean. Tragic.

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