05 February 2009

The best pictures

It's Thursday again, and the worst thing about today is that it was nice enough to wear shorts. I almost feel sad that I live in Colorado, and we seem to be completely skipping over winter this year. Whatever happened to the February flurries, the blizzards trapping my car in the driveway (at least, that's where it would be trapped if my parents let me park in the driveway, instead of on the street)?

Then again, I'd better not complain too much. Driving in snow and ice up to Greeley twice a week ...yech. That doesn't exactly sound fun. Or safe. And then I would never get here before 5, as it is my eternal goal to do, and then one day, one fateful day, I will have to ring the doorbell. It laughs at me whenever I leave work at night (or is it morning?) to go to my car. Someone put a piece of fake fauna on top of it, probably as some cruel joke to camouflage something truly evil with the reassuring presence of green vine leaves. But I see through the guise. I know what it really is.

Today, as with most Thursdays, I started the evening by checking the wedding, birthday, and engagement announcements. The first problem I ran into was totally me. I forgot how to enter the search commands so that all of the announcements show up at once, in a neat little row. I sat in front of the computer and wiggled my mouse around a little, perhaps hoping that I would accidentally click on the magic command. I didn't.

I should have just asked, but I've done this three times already (yes, three. Oh, so many times), and, as I've always known, I'm rather proud, and I like to figure things out on my own. This is probably something I should work on, i.e. change. I'm trying to ask more questions more often, but it's hard for a person who is used to being able to assume knowledge, if not fake it outright. If you haven't noticed, I'm somewhat ridiculous.

After I managed to find all of the announcements (though through a different means than normal; I'm glad I was actually able to figure it out), I found the best wedding photo ever. Well, maybe it's not the best ever, but it was so much cuter than all of the other pictures. I always make sure to look at the photo attachments when I check the engagement and wedding announcements. I think I do it for the sake of being girly. Or something. I don't really know. I just really like looking at these photos, and knowing that this is how the world is going to remember this couple.

Sometimes they're not very good pictures. Sometimes I look at them and inadvertently grimace, because neither subject looks very comfortable, or because the photographer thought that it would be oh-so-adorable to have every single one of his clients stand with the girl holding her hand on the guy's chest. Maybe it was cute the first time.....but the twentieth time? Not so much.

But today, the picture was of a December 2008 wedding, the Carrico-Dieke wedding. The woman had long blond hair, swept into long ringlets reaching halfway down her back, and she was smiling the smile that comes halfway between laughter and trying to hold a serious face. Her groom had long dreds tied at the back of his head, and his nose was pressed into the woman's cheek. He was grinning, and the white blocks of his teeth made me want to grin with him. A painting of two praying hands pressed together was in the background.

The reason this picture stood out to me is its moment. All the other pictures are too simple. The bride and groom stop, turn to the camera, and smile. Click. This photo wasn't staged. It was like the bride had asked for one more picture, the groom wanted to walk away, he wanted to kiss her. They started talking, they started laughing; the bride wanted to be serious and take the picture, so she turned to the photographer and started to smile.

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones where no one cooperates.

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