02 January 2016

Concerning Busses...I Mean Coaches

Instead of "busses", I should probably say "coaches". Steph keeps correcting me on that. Yet, no matter how comfortable your coach is, it's still a big bus. It's nearly impossible to sleep on those things.

Unless you're 4'9" and weigh 3 pounds, in which case you can just curl up on two seats like a cat (I'm lookin' at you, tiny Italian teenager).

I've come to the conclusion that I'm an Amazon living in a world built for midgets. My knees are intimately acquainted with just about every seat back from Venice to London. Turning sideways doesn't create more room for long legs--it simply provides more surface area for the seat in front of you to bruise.

BUT I do have to say it's pretty fantastic to be able to get from Rome to Venice for only €19. It's a six-hour trip, but just short enough that the cheap price keeps it worth it. And when it gets you to your destination half an hour early, that's even better.

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