31 January 2011

The Cast

This is the basic cast list of characters from blogs in 2010 and on. Hopefully it serves you well.

Ambreel Avel Tucker: Tall, dark, handsome. Goes by Avel. Con artist with a flair for the impossible. His past with Meli is full of assumptions and intrigue.

Ava Fontanelli: Leandra's kid sister. Not really afraid of things, which may or may not be a good thing.

Courtney Brown: Sara's almost-not-younger sister. Thoughtful and a mean hand with the nail polish.

Jeremiah Tucker: Avel's brother; Leandra's husband (fiance in some mentions). Had a nasty bout with werewolfishness, but is OK now. Mostly.

Kadey Wilson: A friend of Meli's from college; Somehow manages to store crazy amounts of information in her head. Some of it is useful. She works for Mr. Oulara under Meli's guidance.

Leandra Tucker: Ava's sister/best friend; Jeremiah's wife. Freaked out when he fiance became a werewolf, but was totally prepared to love him anyways, furry ears and all.

Meliora Renee Lyons: Goes by Meli. Has an extensive work history of cons and secrets. She can (usually) be trusted with expensive shiny things.

Mr. Oulara: The Boss. One of those people whose reputation precedes them, though no one really knows exactly what his reputation is.

Natalie Lyons: Meli and Teia's youngest sister. She stress bakes and likes yelling at stupid people.

Phoebe Vogel: Meli's childhood friend. Whoever said that blondes were dumb subsequently got their jaw broken by Pheobe, who is both blonde and brilliant.

Sara Brown: Courtney's older sister. Tries not to get mixed up with Meli's weird workness; but it's bound to happen someday.

Teia Lyons: Meli's younger sister, Natalie's older sister. Her attack hugs and flurry of cute fuzzy things serves as a fantastic cover for a mastermind of color magic.

Tiberon: A con colleague of Meli's from the "Avel days". His dashing white-toothed smile is somewhat unnerving, since his best friends are named Glock, Bowie, and Nunchuck.

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