29 August 2009

People...the disclaimer

People are the most interesting things in the world. This seems like such a boring thing to say; I mean, of course. Duh. What else is there? The thing is, I didn't even consider saying, "My sister's cat, Harley, thinks she is a dog and I don't understand it."

That's why I've decided to write about people. The only problem is that I'm planning on writing about people I know. People who are around me every week and who, quite possibly, will not appreciate me talking about them so, well, honestly.

So names will be changed. And if you recognize yourself, congratulations. The only reassurance I have for you is that it's unlikely that many other people comprehended the profile and labeled it with your face.

Then again, if it's a good enough profile, there shouldn't be anything to be sad about, should there?

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