25 March 2009

A list of amusing things

It's rather amusing:

1. When I use spellcheck on Quark, it wants to change internet addresses that end in ".org" to "orgy."

2. Hearing a reporter on her phone behind me ask a source, "So...let me get this right: The dog was just sitting on the floor?"

3. Being able to hit the keys for spellcheck (Shift+Option+Apple+L) all with fingers on my right hand.

4. Watching Eric Bellamy, one of the photographers, pantomime Salazar's signature (read: only) photo pose. "What's that? A photographer? I must put my foot up on this chair, lean forward, and tip up the brim of my cowboy hat. And smile."

5. Reading the "Good News/Bad News" article in the business section of the Tribune for tomorrow's paper. It lists all the good things that are taking place in the economy, and then reminds us how the numbers are still worse than forty years ago.

6. Hearing that same advertising girl from last night still complaining about her life. Did you know that her biggest pet peeve is people who leave dishes in the sink? I do, now.

7. Finding out about The Greeley Report. They tout themselves as the Tribune's even-handed competitor. Half of the copy desk didn't even know they existed until five minutes ago.

8. Watching hockey on the TV across the desk but only being able to hear the sound from the Leno show from the TV on the sports desk.

9. Getting to work on my first-ever wire page! OK, so Ryan sat next to me and guided me through a good chunk of it, but I still put most of it together myself! And worked on trimming stories by myself!

10. How excited I am to work on a single page (A5, check it out in tomorrow's Tribune), even though it took me about two hours. So...much....reading.....

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