17 June 2008

Beginning to look back

I don't even know if anyone is still reading this, since I'm home, and what could possibly be interesting about being back in the States? I've typed out so many stories, so many experiences. I look at the number of blog posts I created and wonder what in the world I actually wrote about.

I've been home 12 days. That's almost two weeks which feel like more than a month. All my friends are busy or somewhere else, so I've been spending my time in and out of boredom. I told myself that I was going to do some writing (finish an illustrated children's book, for one) and some art (chandeliers as usual, and maybe a collage). As of yet, I've read through the first three *chronological* Narnia books, and have watched a small mountain of movies.

So that's the summation of my life, though I'm sure I've made it sound much more pathetic than it really is. I'm fine with being home...but that's just it. I'm only fine with it. Like any person remembering something, I can remember all the amazing times I had in Rennes. Such as all the times when my host parents actually had complete conversations with me, without those miniature silences where everyone just sits staring at the TV. Nearly awkward, but not quite.

Things I am glad of:
1. If I'm not really hungry, I don't have to eat. I don't have to explain why I'm not hungry, and that I'm not sick, and that no, I don't just want some soup.
2. My CAR.
3. My CDs in my CAR
4. Chai tea whenever I want it.
5. Being able to be utterly sarcastic with a deadpan glare and not having to explain myself or recover after getting an answer to a question I wasn't really asking (did that even make sense?)
6. Having wireless internet that works
7. Making cookies with my sister

Things I miss
1. Speaking in French on a regular basis
2. Having friends nearby and pretty much at my beck and call
3. Cote d'Or Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut
4. the cafe on every corner
5. my international keyboard with all the accents on the letters.
6. All the gardens and pretend forests.

I could go on and on, but then I'd feel even more like I were complaining, and I really hate that. I keep rolling France around in my mind, like dough for a cookie. I think I'm satisfied with everything that I did and everything that happened. I know now what I would have done differently and what I wouldn't've changed for all the scholarship money in the world. I guess that's the most I can ask for at this point, right?

Now if only the rest of my friends will free themselves up and come home.
Except for you bums who are already home but actually have jobs this summer. Psh. Money? Who needs money?

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