03 February 2008

Mon niveau

Forgot to say that we got our levels on Friday.

I'm in Seuil. That means I'm almost advanced. If you're not laughing you should be. Because right now all I'm hearing is "It's not special, it's adva-anced!" (Invader Zim)

The order of the levels is as follows, in case you're curious:


Seuil is the level for people who are pretty good except for one or two aspects of their talent, which are terrible. Mine is probably, oh, you know, talking out loud or something simple like that. Kidding...Technically I could probably talk to Andrew and get put into Avance, that's how close I was. I just don't know if I really want to, or if I need to. C'est kif-kif. Doesn't really matter to me. I'll have people I know in my classes no matter where I am, and I think that's what really mattered the most to me.

Now if only I could bring myself to get over not liking those dumb taxis....

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