05 January 2008

Four Day Countdown

I am leaving in four days.
I have the visa. I have the plane tickets. I got the orientation information.
I have a foot problem, it won't stop jiggling up and down.
I have a mind problem, it won't stop wandering around.

Four days. Four until Pisa, six until Florence, eleven until Rome. And then Paris.
Four days.

As this is my first post, I feel like I should say something else, something magnificent and witty.
I won't.
I just hope that you all, whoever you are, enjoy what I have to say for the next few months. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll smile inside with a happy, bubbly sort of feeling in your trachea.
So...This should be fun.

Montage, literally from the French to the English, means "assembly." If you say "montage papier," it's like a mock-up of what a page is going to look like. It can also mean a huge collection of sights, sounds, feelings, images - you name it.

This is my montage. Montage de Michelle.

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